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Vivian Piper - Anal-Crazy MILF

Anal-Crazy MILF

About nine minutes into this video, 43-year-old divorcee Vivian Piper says the magic words.

"Please give me that cock in my ass!" Vivian tells Tony D.

He grants her wish. Who wouldn’t? After all, this is the woman who once told us, “I love getting fucked. I love having sex. The more the merrier. The filthier the better,” and “I love anal sex.”

How much does Vivian love anal sex?

"I’d take it over traditional vaginal sex any day of the week."

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Vivian Piper - Anal-Crazy MILF

Anal-Crazy MILF

Today, a 43-year-old divorcee and mother is going to get fucked in her ass. She’s going to get fucked in her ass because she says “anal sex is what gets me off easiest and hardest” and because she loves anal sex. And because we love watching 40something moms getting ass-fucked. That’s right, she shot this scene over in our sister site’s studio. Whatever. She’s no pro. She’s just a horny MILF with a love for dick.

Of course, Vivian Piper also loves geting her pussy eaten. She also loves deep-throating Tony’s big cock. She also loves getting her pussy fucked in a variety of positions. But it’s her ass that’s the center of attention.

"I think this is the biggest cock I’ve ever had in my ass," Vivian said. "I loved it. Every inch! His big, fuckin’ cock was stretching out my asshole so good!"

Vivian says she loves putting on a show. Once, she went to a sex club in San Francisco, laid on a table and let guys take turns fucking her pussy and cumming on her tits.

"It was an incredible night!" she said.

How many guys fucked her pussy? How many came on her tits?

"I lost count," she said. "A lot."

Vivian told us that she’s lived a boring life. A gang-bang in a swingers club doesn’t sound boring to us.

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Val Kambel - Val Is Shy, But She’s Showing Us Her Pussy!

Val Is Shy, But She’s Showing Us Her Pussy!

Val Kambel, 53, is a sweet Georgia peach with a juicy body. She’s a bit shy at first, which she associates with being tied down to a bad relationship for too long. Now she’s free of that marriage and on to a new guy who appreciates her newfound sexual attitude. Anybody who knows her would be shocked to see her here or at, but she doesn’t care. As Val puts it, she’s in the prime of her life and nobody can stop her!

40SOMETHING: Do you ever wake up in the morning saying, you know what? I’m probably going to have sex today, I’m going to dress a certain way.
VAL: Absolutely! I love putting on sexy clothes.

40SOMETHING: So let’s say you want to turn your man on. What do you wear for that?
VAL: Short-shorts. Short dress. I show lots of leg. It’s probably because I’m 5’7” and a lot taller with heels.

40SOMETHING: Was turning 50 a big deal for you?
VAL: Not really. Forty is the one that got me. Fifty didn’t bother me at all. Forty got to me because it was like a mile marker for me. I was getting older. I survived it, though! I got divorced in my mid-forties, too.

40SOMETHING: Have any kids?
VAL: Oh yes. But they’re grown and out of the house and living on their own. They’d absolutely be shocked to see mom here! Actually, most people would. I’m a very shy person.

40SOMETHING: Let’s say you were single. You wouldn’t just walk up to a guy and grab him and hug him?
VAL: No, the guy has to make the first move. Always.

40SOMETHING: But what if you were lying in bed with your boyfriend and you’re horny. Would you make the first move then?
VAL: Absolutely. I’ll go right for his cock and stick it straight in my mouth, especially with morning wood. You don’t want it to go to waste! Sometimes it’s a lot harder in the morning. I’ll stick it in my mouth and start licking and sucking and going to town.

40SOMETHING: How long does it take for him to wake up?
VAL: Just a minute, never longer!

40SOMETHING: You’re blushing! You’re sitting here, getting ready to be a porn star, and you’re blushing!
VAL: It’s too funny, isn’t it?

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Savannah Steele - It’s Big-Cock Time For Savannah

It’s Big-Cock Time For Savannah

Savannah Steele, a 44-year-old mother of two teenagers from South Carolina, returns to hit the big time, and we do mean big. This time, Savannah is taking on JMac’s big, thick cock, and when a woman does that, you know she’s really gone all the way.

"Thick and huge," Savannah said of JMac’s tool. "But I got almost the whole thing in my mouth"

The thing is, though, that Savannah is a little woman at 5’1”, 123 pounds, so although we know her mouth could take JMac’s cock, we wondered about her pussy. Well, JMac’s tool does a number on Savannah’s cunt, but she manages to stretch her lips around it for a deep, hard fuck.

Savannah is blonde and has big tits. She also has a gaping pussy, at least when it’s just been fucked by a huge cock. When JMac is ready to cum, Savannah opens her mouth so he can shoot his load inside. But not all of the spunk makes it down her throat. Some of it drips down onto her DD-cups.

Savannah has been with us once before. We asked her if she watched her first scene, and she said, “Yes, alone. I masturbated to it. I thought it was hot. I got instantly wet. It made me want more sex.”

And what a woman like Savannah wants, a woman like Savannah gets.

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Val Kambel - Val’s Back For Anal!

Val’s Back For Anal!

Back for the second time at, 53-year-old mother, grandmother, nudist and swinger Val Kambel gets ass-fucked on-camera for the first time. Val enjoys anal sex. She tells us so in the brief interview at the start of this scene. But Val would rather have sex than talk about it. Wouldn’t everybody? And when Val gets to the action, she stuffs her face with 34-year-old Tony’s cock then gets her pussy and ass banged in every conceivable positon.

Val is a mother of two and grandmother of three. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia and lives in Tampa, Florida. She’s been a nurse and a construction worker. Yes, we said construction worker. She’s blond and she likes wearing short shorts when she’s out in public because “it gets me help at Home Depot.”

Anal, aisle six!

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Brandi Anderson - Brandi Fucks Her Best Friend’s Husband

Brandi Fucks Her Best Friend’s Husband

Brandi Anderson, a 41-year-old divorcee from Canada (now living in North Florida), is dressed for sex. This big-titted platinum blonde is wearing a red corset, stockings and a garter belt. She looks very sexy. Very horny. But who is she dressed for?

Brandi looks out the window. A car drives up.

"Here we go!" she says.

Her man is home from work…or is it her man? She’s lying in bed. He comes upstairs and hears a woman moaning. His wife, maybe?

"Brandi, what are you doing here?" Tony says when he sees her.
Hmmm…maybe not his wife.

"You know you want to fuck me," Brandi says.

"You’re my wife’s best friend," Tony protests. Weakly, we’d say.

"You know you wanna fuck me," Brandi says again.

"Who told you?" Tony asks.

"You know you wanna suck my tits."

"You are a tease," he says.

Not exactly. Teases don’t put out. Brandi does.

And she doesn’t have to spend much time convincing him. Before long, Brandi has his cock in her mouth, and then he has his mouth buried in her pussy. Tony fucks Brandi every which way (because he does want her), and he shoots his load in her open mouth. Brandi wants his cum so badly that she licks it off her fingers.

This is Brandi’s debut. We’d say it’s a good one.

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Heather Barron - Heather’s Ass Meets Hard Cock

Heather’s Ass Meets Hard Cock

And now, back at to take a big cock up her tight ass on video for the first time, here’s 45-year-old Heather Barron of Las Vegas.

Heather is a redhead.

She’s a mom. She’s a divorcee.

She has big tits.

She has a fast-moving tongue that she likes to flick on hard cocks, like JMac’s in this scene.

She talks dirty.

She squats over a cock and works it hard with her cunt muscles.

And then she tells her stud to slide his cock in her ass.

It’s a magical moment.

Is Heather our hottest, sluttiest MILF ever?

Heather told us that she watched her first two scenes at She didn’t have sex while watching them, but she did get off while watching herself sucking cock (two cocks in one scene) and getting fucked.

How has fucking at changed her?

"I was always confident and sexual, but now I’m not shy about hitting on guys who are young enough to be my son," Heather said. "In the past, I would have assumed that a 20something or 30something man wanted a younger woman. Now that I know that younger men fantasize about having great sex with a stylish, curvy woman in her 40s, it’s game on. My experience with 40Something was so positive. It led me to meeting some very talented younger men that I’ll never forget."

This hard ass-fucking should do wonders for her.

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Brandi Fox - When The Hubby’s Away, Brandi Fox Plays

When The Hubby’s Away, Brandi Fox Plays

Forty-three-year-old Brandi is looking out the window. She’s wearing a button-down shirt that shows deep cleavage and some tan lines. When the coast is clear, she gets on the phone.

"My husband just left," she tells whoever is on the other end. "Hurry up. Get over here! My pussy is so fuckin’ wet for you."

They have about an hour.

"Oh, I’m ready right now. I want that hard cock in my pussy," she says as she fingers her cunt and licks the juices off her fingers.

JMac shows up, bends her over, slaps her ass. She has a tattoo on her right ass cheek. He immediately takes his cock out and sticks it in her pussy doggy style. Talk about getting right to it! After a few minutes of deep strokes, she sucks his cock, then she sits on it. He fucks her missionary. He jacks off over her face while she sucks his balls. Then he cums on her face.

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Annette Hotwife - Annette Fucks, Hubby Watches

Annette Fucks, Hubby Watches

"I want you to watch me fuck a man," 48-year-old first-timer Annette says to the camera.

She could be talking to her husband, who’s sitting a few feet away watching, out of view of the camera.

He could be watching 25-year-old Rocky sucking on his wife’s big tits.

He could be watching his wife sloppily deep-throating Rocky’s porn cock.

He could be watching his wife’s pussy getting fucked every which way.

He could be watching Rocky cumming inside his wife’s well-drilled cunt.

In fact, all of these things were going on.

Annette, who has two kids back home in Las Vegas and works in software, is one of the finest first-timers we’ve ever seen. Her blow job skills are impressive. We’ve never seen a MILF get a cock quite so wet.

Oh, by the way, Annette could have been talking to you, too. And she was.

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Tahnee Taylor - The Shy Girl Gets Ass-Fucked By Two Studs

The Shy Girl Gets Ass-Fucked By Two Studs

Tahnee Taylor once told us, “I’m a shy girl, but I love getting fucked in my ass.” Here, this 49-year-old gets fucked in her ass by two big-dicked studs. They take turns on her ass, and when one of the cocks isn’t in her ass, it’s in her deep-sucking mouth.

"I love sucking cock while getting fucked in my ass," big-titted Tahnee said.

This video is full of great moments, starting when Tahnee is on her knees and goes back and forth sucking the two cocks and continuing when one of the studs sticks one finger then a second in her asshole. While he’s doing this, Tahnee is sucking the other dude’s cock, and then the other dude sticks his finger in Tahnee’s pink cunt. So Tahnee has cock in her mouth and fingers in her pussy and asshole.

Then the ass-fucking begins, and Tahnee takes it hard and deep. She might be shy, but she doesn’t shy away from a hard ass pounding. Finally, the guys shoot their loads in Tahnee’s mouth, and Tahnee proudly sticks out her tongue to show us all of the cum she collected.

Shy? We need to meet more shy women like Tahnee.

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