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Rosa Isabella - Teacher, Teacher!

Teacher, Teacher!

Rosa Isabella is a school teacher, and if the idea of that doesn’t get you hard while staring at her naked tits and spread pussy, maybe this will: “I’m definitely the definition of the sexy school teacher,” said this 43-year-old who was born in Honduras and lives in Hershey, Pennsylvania. “One time, my husband picked me up at school after hours, and I got on my knees and sucked his cock in an empty classroom.” Naturally, Rosa is aware of the possible repercussions of being seen on “I’m sure the school board wouldn’t be too happy if they saw the picture of me bending over with my pussy and ass spread, but I can’t worry about stuff like that,” she said. “I’m a very good teacher, my students love me and I’ve never done anything wrong to anyone. If taking sexy pictures so you guys can take your cocks out and get off is wrong, then I don’t wanna be right!”

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Trisha - Who’s The Sexiest 53-Year-Old? Trisha Puts Her Ass On The Line!

Who’s The Sexiest 53-Year-Old? Trisha Puts Her Ass On The Line!

"I’m the sexiest 53-year-old woman that you’ve ever seen," Trisha says at the start of this scene. But how is she going to prove it? She gives us a clue. "I want a big, beautiful cock in my mouth, pussy and ass."

Trisha is very sexy. Her tight body looks very fuckable in her little bra and panties. Her long, erect nipples are like pointers peering out over her bra. She slaps her ass and says, “I want to get fucked up my ass really hard by a big cock.”

Well, we sent her J-Mac, who’s one of our biggest, and he fills her mouth, pussy and asshole with cock. Trisha seems to have a preference for anal sex, judging by her moans.

Here’s some background info on Trisha. Her favorite TV show is American Idol. We’ll forgive her for that. She loves watching football and her favorite team is the Packers. No surprise. Trisha loves getting her holes packed with cock. Her hobbies are “riding my Harley and fucking a lot.” And her sexual fantasy is getting 10 guys off in 10 minutes. Now, that could be one guy a minute, or she could get them all to explode in the final minute. Who knows? Who cares, as long as we’re one of those 10 guys. Oh, one more thing: She’s married, and her hubby has no problem with her fucking other guys. That’s good news for us, although in all honesty, Trisha’s so horny, she’d probably do it anyway.

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Sage Quest - Sage Fucks While Her Husband Watches

Sage Fucks While Her Husband Watches

It’s always a very happy shock when a formerly solo 40Something babe wants to come back and do hardcore fucking. That’s the situation with now-44-year-old Sage Quest who first posed in 2009 and decided to go all-in and cut loose, letting her bad side out to play nasty games. Sage contacted the 40Something studio and wanted to go the full shebang as in “she-bangs.”

"Getting divorced was the best thing that ever happened to me," says Sage. "I told you guys last time what a stick in the mud he was. Didn’t like me dressing sexy or getting wild in the sack. It got stale quick. I’ve spent the past few years catching up with all my fantasies." That’s what we’re here for. To make everyone’s fantasies come true.

"The most fun I’ve ever had was modeling at SCORE," Sage revealed. "I enjoy being a bad girl with a stranger once a month and this allowed me to satisfy that fetish. I like to show off my body so I wear shorts, tank-tops or tight skirts and blouses. I have a lot of fantasies, some of them are very dirty. What I really want is to be pumped full of cum in my pussy then in my ass by a group of aggressive men with cut, seven-inch or bigger cocks. I can’t resist a big thick, rock-hard cock. That’s why I love this scene. I only get sex about twice a week and I’m satisfied best when I ride a very large cock then get a long-lasting fast and hard-hitting doggy fuck."

A giant cock unleashes the wild woman in Sage in this scene. She’s visiting the office to get some cash to go shopping but when she meets the new young intern working there, Sage forgets about spending money and buying shit and all she wants is his huge shaft plowing into her mouth and cunt. The slender pixie now only wants to ride and suck and eat the Champ’s jizz. Sage’s big cock fantasy is fulfilled. For now!

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Margo Sullivan - Margo And The Bad Man

Margo And The Bad Man

So, Margo is trying to have a quiet afternoon, relaxing on her couch and reading a trashy novel, when Asante knocks on her door, begging her to help him hide from his parole officer. Now, Margo is a nice lady so she does as he asks, but how does Asante return the favor? By looking up Margo’s skirt while she’s trying to get rid of the officer. “That is the last time,” Margo tells Asante when the heat is gone. “You owe me big time.”

"I do," Asante says. "And thanks for the view. I saw everything. You have nothing on under there."
“Were you looking up my dress?” she asks. Asante confesses (at least he confesses to something, right?), and Margo decides that she’d rather spend the afternoon fucking than reading. “Do you want a closeup view of my pussy?” she asks. “Do you want to lick my clit?”

He does, and then he does. And then she sucks his cock. And then he fucks her on the couch…and cums inside her pussy, resulting in a very messy creampie. Sounds better than reading to us.

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Bea Cummins - Better Late Than Never

Better Late Than Never

Here at 40Something, we hear about sexual awakenings and reawakenings all the time. Something happens when a woman turns 40. She starts doing things that she had never dreamed of doing before. She starts enjoying sex more. But 66-year-old Bea Cummins from Kentucky has a different story. She always knew she loved sex. Just not with her husband. She was trapped in a marriage with a man who did nothing to satisfy her…until she decided she’d had enough. Now she’s modeling for Better later than never, we say.

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Lin Boyde - Lin Boyde

Lin Boyde

There are two sides to Lin Boyde. There’s the classy lady who likes take-charge men who make romantic gestures, such as bringing her flowers. And then there’s the super-sexy side who does stuff like spreading her pussy
in an international men’s mag.

"Taking pictures like this is pretty risky for me," Lin said. "Since I work for a law firm, I have to dress fairly conservatively and behave fairly conservatively. When I’m not working, I let my wild side come out, but this is pretty wild by the standards of most women. But when the opportunity came to be in 40Something, I couldn’t resist."

"What’s the kinkiest thing I’ve ever done?" Lin said. "My guy and I had sex in front of a crowd of people. It was funny because even though we were in a swingers’ club, we weren’t in the part of the club where people usually have sex, so people were watching us and cheering us on. When he came on my face, I swear it was the most cum I’ve ever seen. I guess some of the guys must have been masturbating while watching us because two of them walked over and came on my chest when we were finished. Fine by me!"

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Charley Rose - Fucking On The Record

Fucking On The Record

We’ve always wondered what stenographers were for. Didn’t somebody invent the tape recorder, say, 50 years ago? But here, we find out what they’re for: Sucking and fucking. Charley Rose, who in real life is a 40-year-old housewife from Knoxville, Tennessee, plays the role of stenographer/fuck toy perfectly. Bravo! She likes to be watched, so watch her. “I once had a foursome in a parking lot downtown,” she said. “It began with some girl-girl play and ended up with each other’s spouses. We had the car windows fogged up and the car rocking. We didn’t care who watched!” Like we said, watch. And if you’d like, take notes.

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Chennin Blanc - An Afternoon Fuck

An Afternoon Fuck

Chennin Blanc, a 40-year-old porn star from Huntington Beach, California,
makes her debut by getting fucked in the ass. Yay! The
blue-eyed blonde with the 36C-25-36 curves has been fucking on camera for a
long time, and turning 40 hasn’t stopped her or slowed her down. “No way!”
she said. “As long as people want to watch me fuck, I’m gonna keep on doing
it! Chennin is married, and she once had a threesome with her husband and
two guys. “They took turns with me,” she said, meaning while one fucked her, the other two watched. Sounds like a good way to spend an afternoon.

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Trisha Lynne - Showing Miami her sights

Showing Miami her sights

This divorced mom from upstate New York was in Miami to see the sights for the first time, but, being the big-time voyeur that she is, she decided to give the locals something to look at by getting nekkid on the balcony of her hotel room. “Knowing that people could have been looking at me while I stripped and played with myself was really exciting,” Trisha said. “Most people who know me know that there’s this risk-taking and raunchy side to my personality, so they wouldn’t be surprised that I did this. Since I turned 40 and got divorced, I’ll take sex any time and anywhere I can get it,” said Trisha. “I love to fuck! Like, this 23-year-old guy from work went to a strip club one night. He stopped by my place afterwards and I could see he still had a woodie. My boyfriend was already asleep in bed, so I went outside with the guy and seduced him. How? I just started rubbing his dick through his pants. He didn’t tell me to stop, so I did him in the cab of his pickup. Outside, leaning against it, too. Cars were driving by and people must have seen us, but knowing that made my orgasms stronger. I always have the same fantasy when I’m getting myself off,” said Trisha. “I am the only woman with five or six horny, young guys, and they take turns fucking me, individually and in DP action. (I love anal sex!) I’m busy sucking cocks while getting my holes filled. We end up with them cumming all over me and I rub all the jizz into my skin while they watch. I’m not sure how to arrange something like that, but I’m gonna make it happen one day soon. It would be awesome!”

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Brianna Wildman - Brianna Gets Fucked, Again!

Brianna Gets Fucked, Again!

Brianna Wildman from Las Vegas has names for her tits. The left is Frisky and the right is Friendly. She has a tight, slim body that’s in excellent shape with not a pound of fat on her. Wildman is the right name for her because this lady is a wild one. She’s a porn star, a dance instructor and a singer. The last time she was in 40Something, Brianna was sucking and fucking a big-tool man. Brianna is delighted to have young studs at hand to play with. Her fast-action tongue preps her friends for a hot bangaroo. She’s a screamer and a talker when she’s doing the nasty and wants to cum as many times as she can in one bed session. Brianna is one of the all-time horniest and hottest mature babes in

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